A lovely chicken soup, courtesy of our Central American friends. With carrots, chicken, onions, potato, lemon, cilantro and celery. You can also add avocado and noodles, according to your preference. We provide you with a quick recipe, One quart of housemade chicken broth, with locally sourced and organic vegetables, herbs, lemon and chicken. (We think lemon activates the renowned healing power of this soup.) You prep (cut up) the veggies, and put the soup together, with or without noodles ( purchase our housemade gluten free noodles separately below), for a delicious, warming supper, maybe with a good gluten free dinner roll (available below).  Reliable California avocados will be back soon. The soup should be wonderfully  effective for whatever winter brings! Easy to implement in less that 30 minutes..

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Written by roseanne

Making real food almost every day of the year, in a family owned endeavor designed to provide a path to a more rational, more traditional food "system." We are all writers, but most of us are cooks as well and we live in bountiful place with year round fresh produce. Recipes, stories, ideas, community building. Join us.