Swiss Chard ready to braise with carrots, shallots and more!
Swiss Chard ready to braise.

Our grandmothers always knew we should eat more greens.
They learned it from their grandmothers, going back so far
that we can’t begin to know where it started.

Somehow they knew that swiss chard offers great bouquets of special nutrients. One nutrient protects the heart, so if  your doctor says your heart is weak, maybe you should try daily doses of freshly picked, vibrant swiss chard!

Another nutrient found in chard regulates blood sugar, by slowing  the body’s process of carbs turning into sugar. So, would you like some worry free rice with your chard? Chard also helps pancreatic cells regenerate, and those guys make insulin!

The traditional pairing of greens with carbs, like rice or polenta, suddenly looks pretty smart. Do you hear someone’s grandmother chuckling in the distance?

And, swiss chard (along with all leafy greens) provides you with high levels of natural Vitamin E, a big time anti-inflammatory. Inflammation causes the body to attack its own tissues,  setting the stage for dementias, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease and aging in general. So…enjoy your greens early and often!

Meal Basket: Try a quick saute with garlic and good olive oil. Serve with our risotto (here), or top with poached eggs. Or add to a dinner plate as a vegetable side. More recipes in our winter cooking book available soon.

Swiss chard item will be available for pickup Thurs. Dec. 6, 2018.  Order early to make sure be have yours on hand.

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Written by roseanne

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