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Highlighted Picks for This Week!
Tomato Jam Foccacia Frozen Savory Snack du jour. Single Serving Squares. Heat and Eat. Accompanies Soups and Salads
Ongoing Special; WHILE SUPPLIES LAST 1.75
Each 1.75
Local Organic Housemade Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade Benefits for “digestive insufficiency” and general stress via “the bitter principal.” And hauntingly delicious on toast or over ice cream. SPECIAL PRICE EXTENDED<< Per 1/2 Pint 5.50
Ceasar Dressing Unique Caesar style dressing with hard boiled egg. Match with our local organic baby romaine (below) and housemade garlic croutons (below) for a luscious salad. LIMITED ORDER EARLY. Per Pint 9.50
Housemade Garlic Croutons Be Careful.. once you start snacking on these (gluten free) croutons you are at risk of eating them all before your salad gets to the table!
Per Cup 6.25
Build Your Own Meal Kit
Pizza (AvailableWednesday 5/20)
Personal Pizza Shells Serves 2 Pk of 2 10.50
Vegan Mozzarella Vegan cashew cheese made "in house" from organic cashews. Melts, great flavor! Fresh, fermented food. 8 oz 9.95
Heirloom Tomatoes Per Lb 3.99
Basil Pesto Per 1/2 Pint 8.50
Sourdough Pancakes (Available Wednesday 5/20)
Sourdough Pancake Batter makes 12 or more pancakes Per Pint 8.50
Plum Sauce Topping Per 1/2 Pint 6.50
Portobello Mushroom Sandwich (Available Thursday 5/21)
Portobello Mushrooms Per 1/2 Lb 6.50
Heirloom Tomato Per 1/2 lb 3.99
House Mayo Per 1/2 Pint 5.50
Lettuce local, organic, Per 1/2 Lb 3.50
Lemon Curd Parfait (AvailableThursday 5/21)
Housemade Lemon Curd w local organic casein free butter, unrefined sugar Per 1/2 Pint 9.50
Sugar Cookie Dough gluten free, casein free Per 1/2 Lb 4.50
Housemade Coconut Whipped Cream Per 1/2 Pint 6.50
Raspberry Puree Per 1/4 Pint 4.95
Butternut Squash Ravioli w/ Housemade Marinara (Available Friday 5/22)
Butternut Squash Ravioli Per Dozen 13.95
Housemade Marinara Per 1/2 Pint 5.50
Vegetable Omelet (Available Friday 5/22)
Local Cage Free Eggs 1 Dozen 3.95
Prepared Vegetable Mix Per Pint 3.95
Avocado Each 2.95
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Hamburger Buns Our specialty gluten free buns, ideal for burgers and hearty sandwiches. Freshly baked on Wed, Sat. Order ahead or place a standing order for fresh bread on our comment line.
Each 2.99
Dinner/Sandwich Rolls Gluten free, small baguette shape. Freshly baked on Wed, Sat.
Each 2.99
Sliced Sandwich Bread Whether it’s in your favorite sandwich, or for some amazing French Toast, we guarantee our special gluten free bread will not disappoint! Order several for your
freezer, worry free. We’ve got a special gourmet procedure for you to transform frozen bread into fabulous bread. Ask for the informational flyer. Enjoy! Freshly baked on Wed, Sat. Also sold frozen. Place your order in advance to be sure of fresh bread. Ask about a standing order.
Each 7.99
Sliced Cinnamon Bread A favorite for breakfast toast. Freshly baked on Wed, Sat. Also sold frozen. Place your order in advance to be sure of fresh bread, Or place a standing order.
Each 10.95
Cinnamon Rolls Great with a hot cup of morning coffee. Freshly baked on Wed, Sat.
Each 4.49
Panini Bread Foccicia style sandwich bread. Can be used as a pizza platform. Freshly baked on Wed, Sat.
Each 7.95
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Small) Baked fresh every day Pack of five 6.95
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Large) Baked fresh every day . Each 3.25
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Baby Artichokes Fresh, local organic. Per Lb 6.95
Baby Romaine Fresh, local organic. Per 1/2 Lb 3.50
Local Organic Cherries Fresh, local. Per Lb 5.50
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Ready to Eat
Ice Cream Cones Fresh and Fabulous; ultra large gluten free cones. Try with our grapefruit pineapple sorbet (below). Each 5.50
Pineapple Grapefruit Sorbet Fresh local grapefruit and organic pineapples. Per Pint 8.50
Gourmet Persian Rice With dates and cashews Per Pint 6.95
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Heat and Eat
Pizza w/ Fresh Tomatoes, Basil Pesto and Vegan (cashew) Mozarella Each 14.95
Chicken Pot Pie We can't make these fast enough! ( Container Deposit Added to Price) LIMITED ORDER EARLY. Each 8.95
Mushroom Pot Pie Vegetarian pot pies. Order now to reserve. ( Container Deposit Added to Price) LIMITED ORDER EARLY. Each 8.95
Pastured Pork Gyoza Llano Seco pork. Order to reserve now! LIMITED ORDER EARLY. 6 per Pack 12.95
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Veggie Broth Housemade local organic vegetable broth. No processed food ingredients Per Quart 4.99
Chicken Bone Broth Housemade from local organic chicken and local organic vegetables. Place your order now. This is a recurring item, but it always sells out. Per Quart 15.95
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Pantry Staples
Gluten Free Pie Dough Enough fabulous, foolproof, pie dough to make one bottom crust in a large deep glass pie dish. It you are making a two crust pie, go ahead and and get two. Each 5.95
Panko Style Breadcrumbs True Panko style breadcrumbs… crunchy, delicate, gluten free! A magical ingredient for everything from crab cakes to meatballs. Per Pint 12.95
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Linguine Simply the best gluten free pasta anywhere. Our linguine can be substituted for spagetti in any recipe. 1/2 lb 12.95
Fettuccine Wonderful gluten free, light, delicate egg noodles, artisanal pasta. 1/2 lb 12.95
Lasagna Delicate pasta for your best lasagna recipe, or try one from our Meal Kits recipes. 1/2 lb 12.95
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Meats and Fish
Hamburger Patties Grass fed, local, best quality pre-made patties. Great real food flavor. Grass fed beef contains an essential fatty acid (CLA-Conjugated Linoleic Acid) only found in grazing animals. The carbon footprint of grass fed animals is the opposite of their feedlot fed counterparts. Their digestion (affecting belching and methane)is not disturbed as they are eating their natural food. And their effect on wild grassland and desert range lead to vastly enhanced carbon sequestration in the soil. Pk of 4 14.95
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Condiments, Preserves. Jams and Sauces
Fresh Local Organic Applesauce Per Pint 6.50
Pink Lady Apple Chutney An ideal condiment, with year-round appeal. Great for topping curries, and as an ingredient in egg and chicken salad. See Meal Kit recipes. Per Pint 10.95
Housemade Fermented Hot Pepper Sauce Per Pint 12.50
Escabeche Spicy pickled vegetables. Onions, Carrots, Garlic, Jalapenos, Essential Central American condiment. Per Pint 10.50
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Salad Dressings
Parisian Dressing Unusual old French Bistro Salad Dressing. Good as Gold. We promise that you will eat anything if it has this rich, lush, garlicy dressing on top! (jar deposit) Per Pint 9.95
Balsamic Salad Dressing Our popular house balsamic dressing, made with Sciabicca's balsamic vinegar and local California olive oil, some of the best available anywhere. Per Pint 9.99
Sesame Ginger Dressing We have been asked to bottle this dressing for over four years, and, today, one of our all time favorites makes its debut. Per Pint 9.50
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Beverages and Teas
Pineapple Grapefruit Fizz Syrup Refreshing and fortifying. Pineapples and fresh local grapefruit infused with unrefined simple syrup made using organic raw sugar cane. Add 1/4 cup to a glass of any "fizzy" water for a refreshing soda. Per Pint 9.50
Ginger Fizz Syrup Fresh ginger infused unrefined simple syrup made using organic raw sugar. Add 1/4 cup to a glass of any "fizzy" water for a refreshing soda. Ginger is a member of the CBD family. Good for pain Per Pint 9.50
Fresh American Ginseng Tea The ultimate wellness and energy tonic.
Per Pint 13.50
Pina Limone Pineapple, cinnamon and fresh lemon Per Pint 6.95
Iced Black Tea w/ Fresh Lemon Verbena Infusion A wakeup call without the buzz of coffee. Fresh local organic bergamot. AS AVAILABLE Per Pint 5.50
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Plant Based Medicinals
Garlic Honey w/ Long Valley Caldera Garlic Per 1/2 Pint 8.95
Elderberry Tincture Per 1 oz 9.95
Gypsy Flu Remedy w/ Long Valley Caldera Garlic Per Pint 8.50
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