Interested in eating dinner in house? Call 530-723-8675 or 530-756-1862, for a reservation, ideally by around noon, on any given day. Find your Plat du Jour dinner menu options HERE:

Plat du Jour Dinner Menu for July 18, 2018, order by phone (530-756-1862) ideally prior to noon, for seatings by 6:00-6:30 PM

BURGERS Veggie Burger or Grassfed Beef Burger with Biosalad 12.95

VEGETARIAN ENTREE Brazilian Fish Stew w Salmon and Ling Cod 17.95

VEGETARIAN ENTREE Large Omelette w Mushrooms and Avocado and Salad 14.95

DINNER ENTREE Wild Fresh California Salmon w Risotto and Bioregional Salad 23.95

DINNER ENTREE Fried Local Organic Chicken with French Potato Salad and BioSalad 17.95

VEGETARIAN PLATE Organic Black Beans and Rice w Escabeche and Pastured Fried Eggs 12.95 Hearty, delicious dish from Central America, with pickled escabeche including jalapeno, local organic onions and local organic carrots. All topped with two superb pastured fried eggs.13.95

BIO-REGIONAL SALAD 10.95/15.95 A large, lush salad with everything that grows around us right now. Local organic fruits, vegetables, and pickled beets, with housemade croutons and local lettuces. Our longtime favorite dish for all seasons. Vegetarian. Ask for sides of heirloom tomato, breaded organic chicken or avocado. 

DESSERTS Raspberry Peach Pie, Strawberry Sorbet 5.95

BEVERAGES Cold Pressed Chicory Coffee w Coconut Milk and Maple Syrup 4.50, Acai Smoothie 9.95, Tumeric Latte,Housemade Gingerale; Housemade Lemonade 4.50