New Offerings from the Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe

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We’re rolling out fresh, local real food meals you can make simply in your own kitchen. Gluten free, affordable, delicious.

Our new “build your own meal kit” concept integrates into almost everything you see here. Much more to come!

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  • One stop sustainable online  Eurostyle grocery shopping! Only the freshest local ingredients in all meal basket items!
  • A wise path to prevent climate change and support local food systems. Food miles and factory food processes are antithetical to clean local food systems and contribute to disastrous global warming.
  • Order online for free quick pickup or request home delivery.
  • We make your items in small batches. When you order we will let you know the status of your batch.
  • No processed factory food chemicals contaminating your meals and burning up the planet as they travel from faraway places.
  • No preservatives, solvents or degreasers.
  • no GMO’s.
  • Money saving plan.. subscriber coupon deals and hundreds of dollars in free product for our committed CSA subscribers.
  • On a budget? Try volunteering for kitchen immersion cooking classes and apply to get free food credits through our non profit!! Learn and earn in a real, living kitchen. Limited space and opportunities…sign up now to secure your spot.
  • Coming soon..Introductory food wisdom seminars twice weekly, free to subscribers.
  • Coming soon…Seminar and video support for intermediate and advanced kitchen cooking projects.
  • $200 minimum monthly deposit w easy opt out. Discounts and daily deals offered on Instagram.

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Individual product categories…

Meal Kits Condiments and Sauces
Medicinals Heat and Eat
Pantry Staples Ready to Eat
Pastas Produce
Salad Dressings Meats and Fish
Bakery Mixes
Beverages and Teas

This Week’s Specials
Zuchini Quiche 4.99
Blueberry Apricot Pie 5.95
Pork Stew Chili Verde w/ Risotto 16.95
Asian Chicken Soup w/ Bok Choi and Linguine 15.95
Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash Soup w/ Indian Spices 14.95
Japanese Sunshine Dressing 1/2 pint 3.95
Caesar Dressing 3.95
Basil Pesto 4.50
Zuchinni Bread 10.50
Fettucine Pasta 12.95
Vegan Cheese 8.50
Grass Fed Beef 7.99
Fresh Tumeric 6.99 1/2 lb
Escabeche 6.50 pint
Pickled Beets 8.50 pint
House Mayo 9.95 pint
Lion’s Mane 20 lb
Fresh Mint Tea 3.95  pint
Black Tea w/ Fresh Lemon Verbena 3.95 pint
FreshTortillas to order .99
Hamburger Buns 2.95
Dinner Rolls 2.49
Sliced Bread 7.99
Pickled Beets 9.95 per pint
Dairy FreeIce Creams 10.95 per pint
Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones large 3.99
Zucchini Pickles 8.95 per pint.


Written by roseanne

Making real food almost every day of the year, in a family owned endeavor designed to provide a path to a more rational, more traditional food "system." We are all writers, but most of us are cooks as well and we live in bountiful place with year round fresh produce. Recipes, stories, ideas, community building. Join us.