Fresh herbs from Good Humas today. Sage, oregano, thyme. Herbs for chicken broth, veggie broth and myriad familiar dishes. Also, plant remedies for many common health afflictions. This bouquet of aromatic plants links us to a past in which food and medicine were indistinguishable.

Oregano, distilled into an oil, can become a potent treatment for the common cold, parasites and bacterial infections, even MERSA. Sage tea boasts of a long storied reputation as a dementia fighter. (Drink it and you could become, “sage,” or a wise older person. )¬†And thyme oil or tea, traditionally used, could boost your immune system, treat high blood pressure, sepsis and acne, or provide a great simple treatment for coughs and sore throats.

So, buy and grow fresh herbs and dry whatever you don’t use immediately. They will be much fresher than anything that comes in a little bottle from the grocery store. Your food will taste wonderful and your health and wealth will benefit from simple plant medicines.


Written by roseanne

Making real food almost every day of the year, in a family owned endeavor designed to provide a path to a more rational, more traditional food "system." We are all writers, but most of us are cooks as well and we live in bountiful place with year round fresh produce. Recipes, stories, ideas, community building. Join us.