Fresh Green Nettle Tea
Fresh Green Nettle Tea

Nettles come in the spring, when it’s wet…  when the trees start to bloom. We start to sneeze and rub our eyes, wondering whether it’s brain fog or dementia. If we get clear headed enough to secure  fresh nettles, we make and drink this brilliant green tea, and suddenly it’s over. Turns out this allergy remedy really works.

No nettles in your yard?  We have some freshly picked bright green nettle tea on the menu, and fresh nettles to brew up at home as well. In an ideal world, we would all plant nettles now for next year, because we know this will happen again, right? (Remember they are very prickly…we handle them with kitchen tongs. Gloves are good too.)

Boil your nettles in a stainless steel, glass or enameled pan, with a tight fitting lid. Refrigerate the tea to preserve their magic, and drink as much as you can. It will do much more than clear your allergies. It lifts depression, improves digestion and provides energy, and you can use it as a wonderful shiny detangling hair rinse!

Read more about nettles in Susan Weed’s Wise Woman Way.

Written by roseanne

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